2015 Winners Page

October 1- Pagan Business Network (conglomerate)- Iesadora

October 2- Touch of the Goddess (jar)- Paula Lupi

October 5- Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends (tea)
Winner 1: Joe Beamon
Winner 2: Paula J

October 6- Leave Them In Stitches (infant-wear) - Engie Willow

Ravenfeather  Creations (god/goddess) - Dawn Leith

October 7- Ravenfeather Creations (lamps) - Amy Blackthorn

October 8- Charissa's Cauldron (candelabra ) - Jonquil Alexia (Petoskystone)

October 9-  Author Samantha Curtin (signed book) - Angie Crabtree

October 12 - Touch of the Goddess (reading) - Paula Lupi

October 13- Hemlock and Garnet (art) - Fearless Fallen Angel

October 14- Touch of the Goddess (oils) - Jennifer Hodgson

October 15- Sosanna's Closet (altar candle) - Jessica Lloyd

October 16- The Secret Life of the American Witch (reading)- Debbie Mann

October 19- Author Sam Curtin (signed book) - Sharon Rawson

October 20- Sosanna's Closet Pendant- Loren Morris
                     Hemlock and Garnet Grunge Pumpkin -Star Firewitch

October 21- Leave Them In Stitches (wreath and owl) - Engie Willow

October 22- Author Christian Day (book) - Orion's Daughter

October 23- The Secret Life of the American Witch (reading) - Paula J

October 26- Hemlock and Garnet (art) - NC Dad

October 27- Visions by Volante (gift basket) - Jonquil Alexia

October 28- Sosanna's Closet (altar candle) - Melissa Cassick

October 29- Sandi's Enchanted Garden (spirit communication kit)

October 30 - Grand Prize from Lapulia Studio (Book of Shadows)

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